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In school, Recess was always looked forward to - but in Economics, Recessions are definitely anathema . As history is our guide, nearly every zero year in the decade has seen one- since 1900 there has always been at least one ( up to 3).
So far in the last ten years we have not seen one. Barron's Cover story has a nice chart of how stock Crashes involve Recessions, usually precede the "R" by a year or so, and 5 of the last 6 since 1970 were just after the 0.
As for now, both Technical and Fundamental (Quant) signals are still Bullish, but the next 3-4 weeks could see a single-digit Correction before a final leg up into next year. Another conclusive signal to watch for in a R is the Flat Yield curve, where short term rates - 2-year and 3-month Treasurys (as well as the Fed Funds) are higher than the 10-year Tsy. (backwardation in futures lingo).

Last week saw Volume starting to pick up again as the Nasdaq made a new high ; the McClellan Oscillator (advances v. decline formula) gave a sell signal Friday at +46 -providential. Finally, MMFs (money markets) Flows reversed bigtime -see below:

Date 9/1/2017 8/25/2017
Indices: DJIA  21987 21813
NAZ  6435nh 6265
SPX  2476 2443
WklyVolume (Bshs). naz/ny…. 8.2/3.6 7.6/3.5
Specul.Ratio hi=bullish 2.28 2.17
Sentiment: put/call-CBOE  57 61
VIX>50-alltmlow=8.8 10.1 11.3
DeltaMSI-50% MAC crossover 51 48
Advance/Dec-NYSE.. 2210/867 2126/944
Weekly Net: 1343 1182
     Cumulative: 180146nh 178803
Weekly  NYSE hi/low… 285/115 207/203
New Hi's/Low's Nasdaq h/l 302/133 152/222
McClellan  Oscillator 46 8
McClellanSum .+750/-1000 267 172
Newsletter Inv.Intel -Bull 49.5 48.1
Surveys-Tues Bear:-5yrs 19.1 18.3
Wed. AAII  -Bull  25 28.1
Bear  39.9 38.3
US$-WSJ 92.8 92.5
3-box rev Bullish%-  66 65
US equity -ICI Fund Flows weeklate (4.7B)
MMF flows Change in $B (20B) 29,4B
MargDebt- top (300M) monthly  JULY: 550B
10-yr Tsy yield hi= stock buying 2.17 2.17
2-yr Tsy Yield: Inflation 1.35 1.33
TIP (ETF) Inflation 114.2 114.1

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