Monday, September 19, 2011


As everyone knows by now, unemployment is at record high levels, especially for young people, and getting a job right out of college is very difficult - and the financial sector is even worse. Barron's magazine reports that a survey was done on Harvard MBAs over the past 20 years: when 30% head for Wall St. after graduation, the market invariably tanks - when only 10% do so, the market rallies. Despite today's job outlook, the percentage is 37!

Last week's 5 up days was likely a countertrend rally; from July's high, the SPX has dropped (leg A) into a Flag formation (upward trend channel, showing a possible H&S top within a greater H&S top) - if leg C down equals leg A, we can see the market drop to below 1000 by 2012 (also a Pt.& Fig. target). The global economy and political standoffs indicate this scenario.

Sentiment Indicators, however (thanks to last week's rally) seem benign: the CBOE put/call ratio is down to 69; the VIX at 31. The reliable McClellan Oscillator jumped from a minus 34 to a plus 47, indicating a short selloff (today). On the positive front, the Investors Intelligence Bull/Bear ratio has joined the AAII one in being inverted, which is contrarily Bullish; and the Commitment of Traders shows the small trader finally getting Bearish on Sept.2, possibly late to the party.

Despite the weekly rally, New Lows bested New Highs 5:1 in the NYSE and NASD, not a broad rally. CEO Insider trading is still low on the selling side, and money flew out of MMFs, but not into stocks.

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