Monday, January 13, 2014

What's Your Deal?

The phrase of the week is from Pete Carroll, then Coach of the USC Trojans to Jim Harbaugh, Stanford Coach, when he seemed to run up the score of a game before each of them "turned" Pro. Next Sunday should be quite a game.

In other Sentiment news, most Indicators backed off from their Extreme  highs last week, with a couple exceptions. Breadth, as measured by A/D (advance and declines) were strong, especially the new highs to lows - both NYSE and NAS 10:1. And the latter's Volume to NYSE hit a RECORD HIGH of 3.17:1 - very speculative!

Investors Intelligence Bulls were still over 60%, and the Insider Selling continues at a record pace, both the 10% stock owners and the Officers/Board that I am starting to track a la

More commentary and investment meetups can be found at:

Here are the numbers:


1/10/2014 1/3/2014
Indices: DJIA  16437 16469
  NAZ  4174 4131

SPX  1842 1831
WklyVolume (Bshs). naz/ny 11.1/3.5 6.1/2.2
Specul.Ratio hi=bullish 3.17 2.77
Sentiment: put/call-CBOE  51 52
VIX>50-alltmlow=8.8 12.1 13.8
Advance/Dec-NYSE.. 2058/1147 1530/1582
Weekly Net:
911 -52
     Cumulative: 154940 154029
Weekly  NYSE hi/low 418/45 395/101
New Hi's/Low's Nasdaq h/l 470/51 387/38
McClellan  Oscillator 33 29
McClellanSum .+750/-1000 479 361
Newsletter Inv.Intel -Bull:tues 60.6 61.6
Surveys Bear:-5yrs 15.2 15.2

AAII  -Bull :wed. 43.6 43.1

Bear  25 29.3
COT:SPX w/w large/small (net)k 4/32k N/A-hol.
COT:gold  comm.hedg long-short.000 (42k) N/A-hol.
CEOinsider selling 106:1 208:1
off.&bd b/s.vs. 10% holder b/s 230:6 300s:1s
3-box rev Bullish%-  82 83
US equity -ICI Fund Flows 3.3B .25B
MMF flows Change in $B (4.2B) 24B
MargDebt- top (300M) monthly 
ETF:mthlyEqty/ Int'l/Bond-$B NOV. 999/395/248
2-yr Tsy Yield: Inflation 0.39% 0.40%

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